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When I introduce myself, I'm not always sure what comes first.

Mother, wife, writer, singer, eurocrat? I suppose it doesn't really matter - and so far, I have avoided a major identity crisis. 


I'm originally from Denmark but have lived abroad since 1998 and my current base is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Being on leave from my job in the European Union opened up new doors and gave me a desire to somehow reinvent myself.

That's how I got into writing.


I started my blog Ninemillionbicycles where I used to describe everyday life in Beijing, China and one thing led to another.  

If you consider pitching ideas to editors, go for it - and count on my support! I have tried to describe the process of pitching, writing, interviewing and editing here and try to post about it on Instagram.

Have fun!




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South China Morning Post 
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