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Jessica Coup

How reiki healed one woman’s pent-up fear and uncertainty, and her journey learning and practising the energy healing art to help others (South China Morning Post)

Auzani & Davina

2 heart attacks at 40, but diet and exercise overhaul turned things around (South China Morning Post)

Louw family

From South Africa to Malaysia and the island resort of their dreams, then came the pandemic. Now family-owned dive destination is thriving (South China Morning Post)

Alcohol free spirits

Alcohol-free beer, wine, spirits that taste like the real thing are changing drinking culture – but how hard is it to replicate the original? (South China Morning Post)


Malaysia’s beautiful Cameron Highlands are a hive of tourist activity once again, but the traffic is still terrible (South China Morning Post)


Cycling wonder kid with autism in Malaysia sleeps better, is calmer and socialises more since he took up the sport (South China Morning Post)

Josh James

Alcohol-free drinks events a growing trend, drawing the sober curious and health-focused people (South China Morning Post)

Green/Blue mansions

2 unique places to visit in Malaysia but which of Penang’s Blue and Green Mansions is best? We compare tours, price and overall experience (South China Morning Post)

Marguerite Brodie

How to age well: tennis, dancing, massage and meditation keep Malaysian grandma happy and active at 78 (South China Morning Post)


What’s it like to fast for Ramadan? A non-Muslim goes 13 hours without food or water to find out, and ponders the health and spiritual benefits (South China Morning Post)

Going Dry

How to stop drinking and keep your friends – two women who gave up alcohol on self-love, mental clarity and being firm about the choice they made (South China Morning Post)


Might a Malaysian ‘ghost town’ become a tourist attraction? Its elderly residents aren’t convinced (South China Morning Post)

Line dancing

Why modern line dancing is an ideal way for hijab-wearing Muslims to stay fit and age well, according to Malaysian mother of four (South China Morning Post)

Male knitters

The men unpicking knitting's ultimate stereotype (ABC Australia)

Viktor Axelsen

Tokyo Olympics: how the Danish ‘golden dragon’ is using Mandarin to bridge a gap with his badminton fans (South China Morning Post)

One Child Policy

The women who defied China's one-child-policy by having a second child (ABC Australia)

Jen Kober

Pretty funny for a girl - meet comedian Jen Kober who has been arrested 5 times for making fun of her mother (WomanScape)


Explainer: How to stop worrying: metacognitive therapy helps this writer learn to leave her anxious thoughts on the ‘sushi conveyor belt’ (South China Morning Post)


Around the world sailing – the family doing it for 12 years, and their Covid-19 lockdown aboard a 47-foot yacht (South China Morning Post)

Jamie Pea

Going forward by looking backwards: Young chef’s quest to rewrite Chinese home cooking (WomanScape)

Roberto "Il Massiccione" Zanda

He lost his limbs during the world's coldest and toughest Ultra race. Now he wants to cross the desert of Namibia. Meet Roberto. The man who never gives up (South China Morning Post)

Kæmpe Eskimo

An Ice cream treat causes a stir in Denmark (The Globe and Mail)

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 2.36.25 PM

Mass mink cull in Denmark over Covid 19 fear. Why Denmark's loss could become China's gain (South China Morning Post)

Drag queens of Beijing

Drag queens of Beijing strut their stuff while they can (South China Morning Post)

Candice Crane

The Sparkling Florals of a Botanical Alchemist - Meet Candice Crane of "Petal"

Wendy Suen

Guinness World Records China - from a diamond-encrusted toilet seat to a head full of needles to skipping to solar panel art (South China Morning Post)


Stuck outside China? From quarantine hotel advice to visas and testing procedures, these WeChat groups are helping people stranded by coronavirus (South China Morning Post)

That NATGEO gig

When nobody believes you will get that NATGEO gig. Meet Prisscila Baxter, a National Geographic collaborator (WomanScape)


How to wear a face mask over a hijab and stay fashionable: Muslim women’s hacks for wearing both at the same time (South China Morning Post)

Deborah Royce

The episodic life of Deborah Goodrich Royce (WomanScape)

A month in lockdown

5 valuable lessons learnt during lockdown in Beijing (ABC Australia)

Being transgender in China

What's it like to be transgender in China? An activist and a gender reassignment surgeon speak up (South China Morning Post)

Smartphone detox - one year later (Beijingkids)


Ayahuasca A.K.A "The Purge". What is this amazonian hallucinogenic brew and is it available in Asia despite its shady status? (South China Morning Post)

Don't panic! Everyday life in a polluted city (Beijingkids)

Ready, Set, Go! On the trail in China with foreign runners (South China Morning Post)

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 3.47.44 PM

Instagranma - What I've learnt about Instagram after joining 48 hours ago (

Visit to Xinjiang - impressions and facts (ninemillionbicycles)

Am I a writer now? (

A letter to my teenage boys. (Global Times)

Hanging up on bad habits - Will switching off my smartphone bring my family together? (City Weekend parents & kids)

Deck the compounds with boughs of holly - What does Christmas mean to the Chinese? (Beijingkids)

Two years in China. The ups, the downs and the future. (ninemillionbicycles)

The passing of time. My story and my photo shoot. (ninemillionbicyles)

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