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Sacrificing Chinese

早上好亲爱的新 good morning my dear Xin.

The rest of my message was in English.

Xin is my Chinese teacher.

I want to do her proud - yet I continued my message:

I will sit the exam as planned on Saturday

but I will not be able to pass it.

I have simply not been able to study enough.

What happened?

My motivation dropped.

I look at all those characters and I just can't memorise them.

The famous 9 kicks in the crotch for every one kiss on the cheek.

And I suppose you can say that life happened. No wait, that sounds too dramatic!

Laoshi, I got my plate too full. That is the truth.

Story of my life.

The price I pay for a busy life.

But a fulfilling life.

Doing the things I love.

A bit of stress - but the good kind.

The adrenalin that keeps me going.

I will be back in the game.

I am not giving up. That I promise you.


HSK 3 exam on Saturday. Wish me luck.

You never know. 127,5 in the first mock exam. Pass mark is 180. I need a miracle.

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