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Classy AF Cocktails & Dreams Masterclass, 25/9 2022: What the sober shamers said versus how it was!

We're still on a high after our second Classy AF cocktail making masterclass which took place last Sunday at Junglebird KL. The bar was buzzing with 90's vibes, the drinks were exciting and delicious - and the super supportive attendees (of whom only 4 are fully sober) had a blast!

I'm going to let the images - and the hate comments we received before the event speak for themselves. An invitation to think before you talk - and a reminder that we still have a long way to go when it comes to inclusion and freedom of choice.

What the haters predicted:

When the event was announced on local expat group on Facebook, here is what some people had to say:

"READ the invitation - they're called DRUNK ON LIFE Duuuh"

"Basically an expensive class for making smoothies or fruit juices"

"It's like a vegetarian steak cooking class"

"Mocktails. False ad"

"More like Confusing AF"

"Sorry, an alcohol-free cocktail class? Surely not!"

"Ha! Alcohol-free!"

How it actually was:

I will be publishing the recipes of the AF cocktails we made on

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