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Empowered by water: Something happened that night

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

My daughter convinced me to join her when Danish rapper Tessa OK gave a concert in my home town of Aalborg last month. Although I love live music, this was admittedly not my style and not exactly for my age segment - but hey, it was a cool thing to do together.

They sold beer, shots and hotdogs on the premises but for us non-drinkers, there was not much of a selection - so I went for a bottle of still water.

We got rather close to the stage, and much to my relief, Tessa came on at 9 pm on the dot.

People went crazy, they all knew ALL of the (dirty) lyrics and you could tell that Tessa was humbled and happy that this crowd had come just for her.

As I looked around, I realised that I was the only one holding a bottle of water. All the others (except the 10-11 year-olds who were also singing along to the dirty lyrics ahem) were drinking beer or shots (conveniently sold in small glass cylinders). Something happened inside of me in that moment. I was overwhelmed by joy.

Joy that "only water" didn't feel like a sacrifice

Joy that nobody judged me

Joy that I have come this far

Joy that I was treating my body well

Joy that I wouldn't wake up hungover

Joy that I was enjoying the night as a sober concert goer

Joy that I never look back.

Thank you Tessa, thank you Aalborg, thank you Rebby for dragging me along. The random picture I took is not an ad for Kildevæld mineral water. It's a snapshot of empowerment in the shape of H2O,

My daughter Rebecca <3

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