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Fun, fresh and full of inspiration: Our first Classy AF cocktail making masterclass in KL

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

We held our long-anticipated Classy AF cocktail making masterclass yesterday at the beautiful Concubine KL in the heart of Chinatown. I am thrilled to say that it was a huge success. A full house of fabulous people showed up to learn how to make delicious alcohol-free cocktails!

My partner in crime Ling and I started planning this event back in March - and our brief for head Mixologist McKay Jiplin was clear: We will see no Shirley Temples or Virgin Mojitos! Not a drop of grenadine will be used and forget about overwhelmingly sweet mocktails! What we're after is learning how to make really tasty, sophisticated alcohol-free cocktails!

Mckay surely delivered! We each tasted (and helped make) 3 fabulous AF cocktails! The first one was a secret recipe that we had to guess! Participants then had to come up with a name for it and the winning name would feature in the new Concubine menu!! So next time you go to Concubine, ask for a 'Laura the Naughty nun'!! Not hard to guess that Laura came up with that one 😁

Next, a brief speech by myself and Ling about our respective journeys. As sober-curious and sober. It was important for us to explain exactly why we're doing this. We believe in the AF movement and the journey is very much about inclusion and kindness to yourself and others. It is about letting go of the need for alcohol in order to fit in or to get a buzz. Being sober can also feel lonely at times - and I wanted to make it clear that I am well aware that I might lose friends over my decision to become dry.

The second AF cocktail was a fresh explosion of beautiful flavours such a the East Asian citrus fruit Yuzu, beautiful pink Bunga Kantan (Ginger flower) and rimmed with sour plum powder. A true Asian Sensation!

Among music, beautiful finger food and chatter by the bar, Callan C. Green, the Brand Ambassador for Malaysia for Lyre's Non-alcoholic Spirits made his way behind the bar to start crafting our third cocktail. An Amaretto sour AF made with Lyre's Amaretti, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white. An absolute delight garnished with a maraschino cherry and a dehydrated lime slice.

I will let the words of my dear friend Harriet sum up the event:

There was a strong sense of friendship and support in the room tonight, as we sipped and enjoyed a taste of deliciousness in each glass. It is good sometimes to remove the social 'crutch' of alcohol, so that we can all tune into the stuff that really matters: Health, happiness and Classy AF friendship ❤️

Photos courtesy of Demi

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