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It's happening! -22 hours to our Classy AF Cocktail-making event

The Classy AF outfit is ready, stickers and brochures are printed, recipes tested, amazing prizes lined up - and a few speaking points written!

Tomorrow, Thursday the 19th of May at 5 pm KL time, Classy AF will kick off ! Our first Alcohol-Free cocktail making masterclass brought to you by this very site - Drunk on Life.

Concubine KL in the heart of China Town will be setting the perfect scene for some Classy AF cocktails developed by head Mixologist McKay Jiplin! My friend and co-organizer Ling and I had a taste-tester at Concubine last week and our 20 participants are in for a treat! Here is a sneak preview! We'll tell you more after the event.

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