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One week until Dry January!! Free ebook and how people are preparing!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you had a great one!

The first of January is fast approaching and these are really exciting times if you're joining Dry January - no booze for 31 consecutive days! There is plenty of help and inspiration out there and, as you may know, I have just published a free e-book "No alcohol for 31 days: How to get through Dry January with ease". It is 12 pages - short and concise - with 5 top tips on how to succeed. Just shoot me a message or sign up here for your copy!

In the meantime, here are some messages of reflection, motivation, worry and excitement from the Dry January Community Group on Facebook.


Dry last January, and it was great! I was so proud of myself! Bad year with family health issues, and I've been drinking way too much. Time to take care of myself for a change!

Getting ready for 4th year dry Jan. No trepidation as done it before but it still demands a change in lifestyle plus an acknowledgement that it won't be easy.

Yep, I'm up for my 4th too, hoping to perhaps give up pretty much completely this year?

Last year I was dry for 2-3 months. My mistake was having a glass of wine one evening at a restaurant……Downhill after that. I’m looking forward to January 1st to get started again.

It’s easy to think you can have one glass but the reality is it will normally end up going the same disastrous way as it did before. You have to decide do you want to have an alcohol free life and stick with it or want to keep going round and round in circles. I’m not criticising you because I know just how hard it is to stop. Once you reach that decision that you really have quit because moderation doesn’t work you’ll find it easier to accept and you’ll be ready to make that commitment 100%.

Hello everyone. Just joined from Belgium. I will try to do Dry January for the first time. I drink daily mainly lager. I want to do it to improve my health and loose a bit of weight. Bless you all from Belgium xx

I’m in France - I have found Leffe (lager like) and Leffe Ruby, Affligem (weiss bier) and Grimbergen (darker more like beer) to be excellent AF options if you like to try those options.

Today I realised that I am addicted to alcohol. My wife has told me that so many times. I justified it by saying that work, kids, life is hard. I need something to relax. I woke today and had a shower and needed a drink. I have tried dry January many times and always failed. I need to get better to save my marriage and my relationship with my beautiful kids. Can anyone help me? Please?

It’s not easy but I’d say that simply by realising and wanting to change your relationship with alcohol you’ve pretty much taken the first big step. You’ve got your ‘why’ - your beautiful family and your health. Go for it. You got this group.

Nothing like perfect I know but I started with Dry January this year and have logged whether I've drank or not every day and here's where I am today.

I will have at least 200 dry days by the end of year which makes me quite happy. That will allow me a few days to cope with my imperfections but I intend to stay dry every day.

Next year I will aim for 365 dry days.

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