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Podcasts you should check out - if you're curious to know more - or wanting to go dry!

It was on a road trip to the south-eastern tip of Malaysia that my husband and I were looking for a podcast to listen to in the car.

“This one looks good,” I said. Little did I know that it would somehow be life-changing for me.

The podcast is called Alcohol Free Life and it’s hosted by BBC journalist, author and sober coach Janey Lee Grace. She uncovers so many eye-opening topics in this podcast - such as alcohol and ageing, setting intentions, and Can you still dance sober? 😁

You will have stumbled upon Janey before in my articles and blog posts – and I had the pleasure of interviewing her for this piece.

Listening to Alcohol Free Life, opened up a whole new world to us and made both of us wonder: “Whats the point of going back to drinking after Dry January is over?” Exactly what Janey thought in 2018 when she ditched the booze after having done Dry January.

Hosted by bestselling author of ”Euphoric: Ditch Alcohol and Gain a Happier, More Confident You”, Karolina Rzadkowolska, Euphoric the Podcast helps people clear their blocks around drinking and step into more fulfilment and purpose as alcohol gets smaller and smaller in the rearview window.

There are solo episodes, conversations with Karolina’s good friend Danielle and prominent guests. Karolina is an alcohol-free empowerment expert and is hugely inspiring.

Have you, like myself embarked on the sober journey together with your partner – or do you dream of doing it, you should listen to The Alcohol Free Marriage Podcast with couple Matt and Amy. They describe themselves as two former craft beer enthusiasts who went from daily drinkers to teetotalers and never lost their love for each other or their love for their life together.

The first episode is a little “rocky” and disorganised but it picks up you'll hear about things like their first alcohol-free holiday together, summertime triggers and when your spouse doesn't quit drinking. An interesting fact about Amy and Matt is that they didn't stop drinking at the same time. Listen to the podcast to learn who inspired who 😊

All three podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple podcasts.

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