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Postponement of Lyre's by the Pool

Dear friends,

On behalf of Callan from Lyre's and Drunk on Life, I am sorry to announce that, unfortunately, we have to postpone "Lyre's by the Pool" scheduled for Thursday 10 November. The reason? I injured my foot during a hike to the Mulu Pinnacles in Borneo and following doctor's orders, it would be unwise to deal with the setting up and logistics of an event right now.

I will focus on healing and getting back to the active life that I love but this will, in no way, change my dedication to Drunk on Life (in fact I'll have more time to share new reflections and tips so you're not getting rid of me that easily 😁) and I have of course made sure to order a ton of Lyre's products to keep me company. So, drop by for a taste-teaser!

We plan to hold the event in January - which, for some, will be Dry January, for others, a great opportunity to taste some kick-ass alcohol-free products for a night. Whatever the occasion, I cannot wait to see you all there!

Thank you for your understanding!



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