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Sober holidays USA part 3: I drank alcohol by accident!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Yes, that happened last Thursday. Walking around Brooklyn with my son Simon, we saw a little Mexican restaurant and decided to have lunch there. I ordered a Jarrito Loco, alcohol-free version which was on their menu – but got served a gosh-darn boozy version containing Tequila!!

I double checked with the waiter after 2 sips, since I thought it tasted 'just like the real deal'. Well, no wonder! He said “ah yes sorry – will bring you the AF version right away”. To him, it was clearly (and understandably) no big deal - but to me it was. Five months and 10 days dry - and proud of my progress. So, the question is: will this incident break my streak and take me back to day one?

I took to Facebook to find out what my fellow sober/sober curious thought. Here are a few of the replies from the Euphoric Alcohol-free group.

Definitely not counted!

Not even a thing to consider

I’m proud of you for stopping. I would have had a hard time not drinking the whole thing and just being like “whoops”

It was an accident, not intentional. In my humble opinion , this earns a free pass.

I consider this a massive win!!! You just skyrocketed forward double days!!! Seriously, there is so much gain in this experience. I would get curious and find every nugget afforded through this mishap. Turn it into your most beautiful learning experience and keep on trucking. Proud of you!!

Where on earth would I be without other people’s support? I am truly grateful!

And ready to move on, I think.

Ps. Simon was more than happy to drink 2 boozy Jarrito Locos :-)

The sinner, the bad boy, the Jarrito Loco.

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