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Sober October: wanna try it and reap the benefits of sober life?

Sober October - a charity project for Macmillan Cancer Support is right around the corner - and you can join!

Donating and signing up here is advised but otherwise, all you have to do is stop drinking alcohol for 31 days. If that sounds like a daunting task, I know exactly how you feel! My whole sober journey started with Dry January and boy did it scare me at first!

But fear not! I've got your back!

Here are some tips on how you get through the month without missing out, without any regrets - and who knows maybe without even wanting to start drinking again!

  • Find a partner! Ditching the booze for one month is easier if you have a friend, spouse - someone - whom you can share this experience with and support throughout the month.

  • Download the Sobriety Counter app! It's completely free and you'll be able to track the health benefits you'll reap from day one - and then you'll receive virtual medals on your mile stones.

  • Plan your outings! If you're unsure about how you'll handle temptation, this might mean that you have to cancel plans if you have a big drinking night planned with friends. Only as a precaution in the very early stages of your dry period!

  • Do something for yourself instead. Remember that self-care is fundamental when you make a big change in your life - even if it's temporary.

  • Plan your drinks! If you're going to a dinner party where you know there will be alcohol, bring your own alcohol-free bubbles, beer or spirit, why not! Be confident about your choice - here's how (tips by Janey Lee Grace):

  1. When you arrive at a party and someone offers you a drink, say “Thank you, I’d love a drink, can I have something non-alcoholic please?”

  2. Don’t go into panic mode and don’t start explaining.

  3. Be confident and make your sobriety non-negotiable.

Inspired? Keen to join?

Make sure you follow Drunk on Life on Instagram - and I'll be there to inspire, assist and support you!

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