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Still on about it

Updated: May 18, 2022

BBC Journalist and founder of The Sober Club Janey Lee Grace is, by far my biggest inspiration when it comes to being dry. Janey (whom I was lucky enough to interview for this piece), started out like me: 'Dry January is over - but what's the point of starting to drink again'. While I'm still to read Janey's book "Happy, Healthy, Sober", her amazing podcast "Alcohol Free Life" recently reached 1 million downloads. To mark the event, Janey posted on social media "Wow! 1 million downloads! Yes, I'm still on about it, thank you for your support".

It clearly was a celebratory post, yet the words 'still on about it' somehow made me sad. I believe many of my followers secretly (or openly) think "Is she still on about that AF stuff?". My hope is that, one day, those like me who choose an Alcohol-free lifestyle will be unapologetically sober. Rolled eyes will be a thing of the past - as will judging a choice that is so evidently healthy. We will get there one day. AF is not a temporary trend. It's a movement.

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Har længe tænkt på det og har nu gjort noget ved det med stor inspiration fra dig. Jeg er på dag 23 nu - yaaay

Replying to

Nej hvor fantastisk min ven! du er så sej ❤️

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