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Tempted AF. When you’ve had a bad day and you can’t numb your feelings with alcohol

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

On Thursday I had a bad day! I left the house at 7.15 am to drive an hour to take my motorcycle driving test with my daughter. After having waited for four hours under the beaming sun together with around 50 other people, I finally got on the bike, made a mistake and failed within 25 seconds.

Although I was thrilled that my daughter passed the test, I remained annoyed at myself, the long wait and the badly organised test (which I have to re-take in 2 weeks).

A wrong detour followed (story of my life) and it took us forever to get back to KL. A couple of hours later, it was traffic jam time again as I drove four excited teens, bless them, to the Billie Eilish concert.

Prior to going dry, there is no doubt that I would have had a drink or two that evening to numb that bad day feeling. Kick back, relax and and hum Shania Twain’s Honey I’m home and I had a bad day

Pour me a cold one and oh by the way

Rub my feet, give me something to eat

Hey – Honey I’m home

But what cold one to pour when you’re dry?

I’m all about the wonderful alcohol-free alternatives out there and the past 7 months, I can frankly say that I have not needed alcohol. But, as I took a panic-stricken look inside the fridge and realised I only had pineapple juice and strawberry cordial, my eye caught the chilled Prosecco we keep in case friends come by. The thought did cross my mind - but only for a fraction of a split second. The Prosecco remained sealed. For in that split second, I realised that having even one sip would not be worth ruining my journey for.

I ended up having something as boring as a cup of tea. I’m a tea lover and the ritual around tea gives me peace.

I’m grateful that I didn’t cave. Proud that I faced the negative feelings without numbing them with alcohol. Aware that there will likely be other situations like this. Careful not to judge others when they say they ‘need’ a drink.

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