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Thank you friends and family! You know it matters to me ❤️

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

I have written about sober shaming and scepticism from others before - but it's important to also emphasise the support I have felt since ditching alcohol on 1 January.

Both back in Malaysia and in Denmark where I've spent the past 5 weeks,, friends and family have approached me and my newfound sober lifestyle with interest and curiosity. Some (most) people are very keen to try alcohol-free alternatives (and although I try not to be pushy, it is no secret that I enjoy introducing different brands to them) while others like to see them and hear about them but not taste them 😉 And that's perfectly fine!

Here are just some of the highlights of support, gifts and comments I've received the past 7 months:

  • Out first Classy AF cocktail making masterclass was a huge success and I was thrilled that people immediately started requesting another one - it's happening on 25 September!

  • For my birthday, my daughter Rebecca had this beautiful Drunk on Life cake made for me

  • I also received lovely Lyre's alcohol-free spirits bottles. A gift organised by our friend Natasha (unfortunately I don't have a pic of when I opened it - but I was so happy!)

  • Ling - my dear friend and partner in the Classy AF events, gave me this absolutely amazing gift which I'll treasure forever!

  • During our Friday Wine O'clock with my friends in the building we live in, sweet Andreina brought virgin Margaritas when I was doing dry January

  • Guadalupe was genuinely curious and interested in my decision to go dry from the very beginning. And she invited me to do an Instagram live on the topic! How fun was that!

  • Sara and my Godson Villads brought a lovely gift consisting of AF drinks when they came to see us at the summer house in Denmark. The 2 big bottles were by Belgian brand Pvre. Just wow!

  • My two best childhood friends Christina & Lise asked me to do an AF tasting when we met for dinner last week. We had Spritz-ISH, Dark & Stormy and a pineapple Amaretto. They loved the drinks and ended up not drinking alcohol at all! It was probably our first alcohol-free get-together in over 30 years 😳 )! And we all agreed it was a super fun night!

  • Similarly, my sister and I went out for dinner and she insisted that we both have alcohol-free wine. What she didn't know, was that most alcohol-free wines are DISGUSTING - so, after working our way through one glass, I ended up begging her to please have a proper glass of white wine 😁

  • The other night, I went for dinner at my parents' and family friends came by. I overheard my dad saying to his friend that I had become sort of an alcohol-free ambassador and I could tell that he was proud to say it. Although my parents love their daily glass of wine and haven't really wanted to try any AF products, I have always felt their support in this journey ❤️

I know that there are people I've forgotten and I apologise for that. So many people have supported me and keep doing it! From the bottom of my heart: Thank you 🙏

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