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The ONE best thing about not drinking anymore...if I had to choose

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

The benefits of quitting alcohol are plentiful. Better sleep, lower risk of several types of cancer, better skin, improved mental health, improved immunity, better memory...the list goes on.

I feel blessed to be reaping all those health benefits of an alcohol-free life but, if I had to choose the one best thing about not drinking, it is to never have a hangover!

By hangover I don't necessarily mean being violently sick through the night and spending a day in bed - but even that "off-feeling" of dehydration, bad taste in your mouth (be it physically or metaphorically) the morning after.

Those who know me well, know that my life was never about binge drinking and several wild nights a week! I was never about spending a whole day in bed because of a hangover (well maybe yes on one or two occasions) but my day after drinking would always be negatively impacted. Always.

You may be thinking "A night out is worth the hangover" or "It's not that bad - I get up, take my kids to birthday parties on weekends and do the gardening anyway". But, what I'd like for you to think about is the potential level of physical energy and mental clarity you'd have if you weren't clouded by even a minor hangover. Let alone the major ones where you'd stay in bed all day if you could. If you add up even one hungover day per week (whatever the "level"), that is roughly 3224 days of your adult life spent on the "aftermath" of alcohol. And that's just if you drink once a week.

I used to read (and follow) all the tips on how to avoid a hangover. They include drinking on a full stomach, drinking organic wine, drinking a glass of water between each drink, mix alcohol with Gatorade instead of soda or juice so you get the electrolytes a stay hydrated. But, let me let you in on a secret. The best (and only) way to completely avoid a hangover is by not drinking alcohol.

Imagine a life where not a single day is in anyway impacted or wasted because of alcohol. You get up early, the are no blurry memories, your eyes are not squinting or hurting, you don't feel weak, you're there for your family - and you get out and get sh*t done. Try it, I beg you, if you haven't already. Try "Dry January" at least. I am here to support you ❤️

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