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Tips on ditching the booze - and being confident about it!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

There might be some of you who are interested in trying the sober lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how to start your journey and how to stay confident in your sobriety:

Lise & Francesco's tips on going sober:

  1. Find a partner - it can be your friend, partner, spouse - anyone. But having a companion is important.

  2. Download the Sobriety Counter app! It counts the days sober but you can also track cravings and health improvements here.

  3. Take it one day at the time. Breathe. Enjoy. Be proud - and reach out if you're struggling

Went sober recently? How to be confident in your sobriety. Tips by Janey Lee Grace, BBC Journalist, Author and Founder of The Sober Club

  1. When you arrive at a party and someone offers you a drink, say “Thank you, I’d love a drink, can I have something non-alcoholic please?”

  2. Don’t go into panic mode and don’t start explaining.

  3. Be confident and make your sobriety non-negotiable.

  4. For the first two months, do not discuss your decision to give up alcohol. Change the subject if it comes up.

  5. Do not share too much information about your lifestyle change until you feel strong in your sobriety.

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