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What are people saying on alcohol-free facebook groups?

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

The members of alcohol-free Facebook groups come from all over the world, all walks of life - and have all kinds of different reasons for quitting alcohol.

Some are former alcoholics, some are trying to cut down - and some have ditched the booze for health reasons. Common to the members is their desire to be part of a community where you can find support, ask questions and rely on the experience of others.

Here are some examples of posts and replies from 2 different groups. Please let me know if you'd like to know which groups and be added!


Hi, thanks for the add

I've been sober on and off for a few years. Probably a lot of you can relate. Sober for a bit, think I can moderate, realise I can't, sober for a bit, think I can moderate etc. But now I've had to start taking meds I can't drink on at all so I'm going to have to stay sober. Deep down I'm pleased I think. But I need sober buddies to talk to as I don't have any in real life, so hi.

Hello and welcome to the friendliest and most supportive group you could have found. It’s been a massive help to me and I’m sure it will to you.

Yea the moderate thing.... finally accepted i can't so i don't even try anymore... life gets better everyday

Does anyone else find it annoying, to be constantly asked, "why aren't you drinking"? "Its only a break isn't it?, surely it's not forever"

I'm at day 75 AF and its still the main topic of conversation. I just seem to dither and feel like I have to justify myself in a predominantly drinking world. Does anyone have any responses they use? It would be nice to turn the tables a bit. The people asking me aren't being rude to me, they just don't understand why anyone would contemplate ditching alcohol.

BTW. Keep going everyone, you're doing great and its amazing to read all the success stories and supportive messages.

When I stopped smoking many years ago I never got asked when I’d be starting again or why I stopped . Why you have to justify your reasons for quitting alcohol is unacceptable .

You do ..I repeat DO not have to justify you choose not to drink ...that my babe is your choice !!!! not let negativity into your journey one said it was straight forward !!! Keep your chin up and do what suits you best ..and good luck and best wishes xxx

I briefly explain why I'm doing it....which is stuff like how it wasn't doing me any good, it was holding me back in life from accomplishing my dreams, I'm way happier and healthier without it.

If they want further proof I'll toss in some embarrassing stories of things I did while drinking to really drive home how it wasn't working for me lol

Have you found cutting back or stopping drinking has improved your general sense of well-being/self esteem?

The change in me is unreal, I'm now 32 months completely alcohol free. I'm calmer, can handle stress and have stopped being such a people pleaser,I now look after myself too

Absofeckinglutely, I'm like a new man with a new found love for life . Living every second now

How long does it take to feel better. i’m exhausted and a nervous wreck. AF 14 days.

Every aspect of my mental health has improved, from being free from the crippling nighttime anxiety and feeling better about myself now that the shame, regret and remorse has gone

I’m in Portugal for a couple of days golf. So far I have said no to 5 opportunities to drink, including a wine tasting ( which I would normally have jumped at) feeling great and rewarded with a clear head this morning for breakfast.

I love golf too and I have to now retrain my brain to enjoy golf alcohol-free. I believe it’s possible! Keep going and you will definitely be rewarded

Just checking in. 4 weeks minus 2 days (mess ups) sober.

You slipped but you didn't fall

I'm looking for some book recommendations on sobriety. I read Euphoric and recently finished The Naked Mind. Suggestions??

A Happier Hour - Rebecca Weller, The Sober Diaries - Clare Pooley, Not Drinking Tonight- Amanda E. White.

Quit like a Woman by Holly Whitaker. Changed my life!

I read the Naked Mind and then did the 30 day experiment. That was the key

Hi everyone... so I'm back and feeling worse than ever... I suffered a lot of loss the last year and tried to pick myself up so many times but I'm not dealing with my issues just having a drink and putting a smile on my face... Time to get real... and I really need the amazing support of this group I had the first time round...

I was wondering what happened to you and sorry to hear that life hasn't been kind to you....but welcome back!

We will all support you so get back on that horse, you can do this!

I’m 7 months AF! One thing I noticed- alcohol encroachment!

Activities that would be fun without alcohol still get infused with alcohol.

Going camping? Alcohol. How about a fair? Alcohol is there too.

How about a workout with the girlfriends? One commercial showed women in workout clothes having a beer!!

They’re even selling booze at college football games now! No need to tailgate anymore, you can get booze in the stadium.

It’s really quite ridiculous to the nondrinker.

Sometimes I think society will leave the booze behind, but then I noticed how entrenched we all are in it.

It's entrenched in western lifestyle, thankfully it's becoming very popular to be AF, hopefully over the next few decades it will lose it's shine as smoking did, just takes time and the young folk to embrace a healthier life

So true!! Alcohol is everywhere even baby showers… yep, crazy!!!

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