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Instagranma Part 2 - The good, the bad, and the annoyingly beautiful

The good

Image stolen from Hiptriptips - Wish I had that photoshop talent

I joined Instagram 3 1/2 months ago and it's definitely been a steep social media learning curve. I'm still getting the hang of the hashtag thing and I constantly forget about the filters BUT I now have 295 followers - a far cry from my 1236 friends on Facebook - but still. I must say that I’m truly enjoying Instagram. So much so that I sometimes feel that I'm betraying the good ol' Facebook. There is something about Instagram’s layout, user-friendliness and especially the explore page that I really like. Despite it being a major time-eater, Instagram is also a great source of inspiration! I've just started the keto (ketogenic) diet a few days ago. Simply because I would like to lose the 7 kilos I have gained since moving to China. Instagram is full of keto-inspiration. Not only unbelievable before-and-after pictures - but also delicious recipes and a great deal of encouragement.

Insta-Keto by me

The bad

There are still features I find annoying on Instagram. Examples are:

  • Pictures are cropped. You can post one photo and chose for it not to be cropped - but if you post several photos together, you don't have the non-crop option. For that, you need a special instagram app (No Crop).

  • It's neat to have the possibility to post to Instagram and Facebook at the same time. But if you manage several pages on Facebook, you cannot choose which one to post to. For that you need a separate Instagram account and you need to make it "business". Have no idea why.

  • Instagram must be perfect for stalkers! If you go to the "following" tab, you can see what every single person you follow (or your followers) do! What they like, whom they started following, who started following them etc. And they see the same about you. Unlike Facebook, you cannot hide/switch off these notifications (unless I've missed something).

The annoyingly beautiful

One of the advantages of Instagram is that you don't have to be friends with the people you follow - so you can follow people even if they don't follow you - so well, I guess I'm also guilty of stalking. I love to see what celebrities wear, what they say, what they eat and how certain people never seem to age.

There are three celebrities whom I really enjoy following because they stand out to me as being both breathtakingly beautiful and really cool women at the same time (and they all happen to be well over 4o!):

1. Jada Pinkett Smith

First of all: what I wouldn't do to have her skin! She also happens to be a tough and strong woman who often posts some deep and philosophical videos.

2. Trinny Woodall

I have loved Trinny since I watched the very first "what not to wear" episode almost 20 years ago! She's inspiring, funny, beautiful and charming.

3. Helena Christensen

Doesn't look a day over 30 (but is actually 49) - and is super artistic and talented. (And half Danish *wink wink).


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Top image: From the Instagram profile TravelTripTips

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