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Instagranma Part 2 - The good, the bad, and the annoyingly beautiful

The good

Image stolen from Hiptriptips - Wish I had that photoshop talent

I joined Instagram 3 1/2 months ago and it's definitely been a steep social media learning curve. I'm still getting the hang of the hashtag thing and I constantly forget about the filters BUT I now have 295 followers - a far cry from my 1236 friends on Facebook - but still. I must say that I’m truly enjoying Instagram. So much so that I sometimes feel that I'm betraying the good ol' Facebook. There is something about Instagram’s layout, user-friendliness and especially the explore page that I really like. Despite it being a major time-eater, Instagram is also a great source of inspiration! I've just started the keto (ketogenic) diet a few days ago. Simply because I would like to lose the 7 kilos I have gained since moving to China. Instagram is full of keto-inspiration. Not only unbelievable before-and-after pictures - but also delicious recipes and a great deal of encouragement.